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Warrior Nation Tank 9.0 Lacrosse Arm Guards

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Manufacturer Description

CAPS: Exposed hard ABS poly plastic outer shell on the bicep, elbow, and forearm for superior protection

FOAMS: Triple Density Impact Foam for added protection in critical impact zones

VENTING: Warrior’s exclusive Climax Climate Control Venting System which allows for superior ventilation and air flow

OUTER SHELL: NEW – compression molded construction for ultra light weight arm protection

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: NEW – interior sweat channels move moisture away from the body through pre-molded channels

FIT SYSTEM: Interior arm sleeve for a snug yet extremely comfortable fit

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Things I Liked:

the plastic is hard and protective but still very moveable/comfortable. I play middle school lax so there are kids who get a little anxious to inflict as much pain with their D-poles as possible, but these stop them from doing that. I had a kid slash the crap out of me with a talon beast and it would have hurt without these pads so they r goo 4 attack and midfield

Things to Improve:

um wish they were longer, they look really long in the picture bet they are a little shorter than they appear but still awesome

Full Review:

Great, worth the money, BUY THEM!

zac Lewis - Morgantown WV - 4/20/2011

Almost there, but not quite

Things I Liked:

lightweight, exterior shell is very protective, plenty of ventilation

Things to Improve:

overall fit, amount of coverage, range of motion

Full Review:

This seems like a product that was released a little before it was really ready. It makes me curious how much they 'tested' it or tried it out for themselves before releasing. The arm guard is essentially another version of Brine's Ventilator. The exterior ABS shell is very strong and protective, plus there's a lot of open area to allow plenty of ventilation. One of the things I didn't like about the Ventilator guard was that the elbow was covered in fabric and it didn't take long for that fabric to get shredded. The elbow on the Tank, however, is a single piece of hardened rubber (it appears to be a different material than the ABS on the arm portions), so it appears that it will last much longer than the Ventilators. I've only had these for one game so far, so the verdict is still out on longevity and overall protection. It seemed very protective during this game, particularly during the brutal faceoffs. However, the fit is going to take some getting used to. I am not a big guy by any means - 5'7", 175 lbs. I don't have monster arms. I ordered the large because it was the only size available and I figured I'd have to pull the straps pretty tight. Well, I felt like I was having a hard time actually getting my arms into these things. As the previous reviewer stated, these are shorter than they appear in the photo online. Plus the interior arm sleeve is very snug, and it's hard to describe - the fit just feels kind of weird. I also don't care much for the tightening straps - they seem to get caught up on my jersey pretty easily. The area covered for overall protection feels like it could've been just a little more. Not on the upper arm, but on the forearm portion it just feels like it could benefit from just a little bit more of the protective shell wrapping around the arm a little more. I definitely feel like there's more arm exposed than I'd like. I'm not a speedy dodger; I'm more of a grind in the trenches for the ground ball kind of guy, so I'd prefer a little bit more protection on the arms because I definitely take my share of vicious slashes when going for those GBs. And finally, the range of motion/flexibility feels a little off. The upper and lower arm shells seem to interfere with the elbow pad just slightly - as you bend your elbow, you'll feel a brief moment of the shell and elbow clicking. I also don't feel like it allows for completely extending your arm - but that could be a matter of breaking them in a little, so we'll see. Overall, I think I'll be happy with these pads. I didn't pay a ton for them by any means and they provide most of the protection that I need. They're not heavy at all and after several uses they may break in very nicely.

Dave Schram - Denver, CO - 4/23/2012

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