Video of Maverik Wonderboy Defense Lacrosse Shaft - 2016 Graphics video of Maverik Wonderboy Defense Lacrosse Shaft - 2016 Graphics

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In this video Jeff with Maverik Lacrosse shows you the Wonderboy Lacrosse Shaft made with 9000 Series Alloy and featuring the Maverik Signature Shape.

Transcript of the video:
Jeff Colburn here with Maverik Lacrosse, Category Manager for Mens shafts, here with the new Wonderboy for 2015. What you notice about the Wonderboy is it's a part of our signature series. So, you know, first shaft we came out with here at Maverik was the Wonderboy, with this shape that really defines our brand. This shaft has a lot of heritage to it, built with our 9000 series alloy, really nice balance between strength and weight at a really nice price point. So, what you'll notice here is we have eight different colors, we have our new adjustable butt end here on the side. So what you do is you take the tool that comes on your shaft, the alan wrench. You loosen it up here, you slide it to whatever position you need, slide it back out to the end if you want it there, you lock it down with this tool, throw a little tape around it and you're ready to go. It also has tactile grips, and you'll notice this raised detail for added feel on the ends. So, 9000 series lots of colors, lots of options. Be sure to check them all out at