Video of Maverik Tank Universal Lacrosse Head video of Maverik Tank Universal Lacrosse Head

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In this video Jeff with Maverik Lacrosse shows you the Tank Head, featuring a Level 5 Bottom Rail and made in the USA.

Transcript of the video:
Jeff Colburn here with Maverik Lacrosse, head category manager, here to introduce the new Tank Head from Maverik. Here it is. The first thing you'll notice about this head here is that it's unbelievably stiff. This head was designed specifically for high-level defensive players. It has our 4-Strut Design, which is our stiffest design, for delivering those meet and checks and maintaining shape. The wide face shape was designed to pick off passes. We have a very flat scoop, and that's really designed to get the most surface area on the ground for scooping ground balls. The Level 5 Bottom Rail is designed for high pocket, so when you pick up that ground ball, it's locked in right in place off the ground and ready to get out of your stick. So be sure to check out the new Tank Head in white, black and grey on

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