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In this video Jeff from Maverik Lacrosse goes over the details on their Rome RX3 Goalie Chest Pad.

Transcript of the video:
Hi, I'm Jeff Legg, Category Manager with Maverik Lacrosse. I'm here to talk to you guys about the new Rome RX3 Goalie Chest Pad. So, this pad, developed, in part, by Drew Adams, World Team goalie, MLL Goalie of the Year. He's on the team, here at Maverik, had a lot of influence on the design. I'm gonna start off with the chest plate, right here. We've got PORON-XRD, right here and then, also, through the whole wishbone here. Providing critical protection through the chest and the sternum and then up into the collarbone area, as well. We've got adjust-ability here, with our comfort fit arch and this allows the player to customize the drape. We have triple-density foam here, which provides breathe-ability. And then, on the back, you're gonna see the adjust-ability of this pad. We've got a wide back strap, this is 37.5. 37.5 is a fabric we're using across the whole RX3 line. It's not just about moisture wicking, this technology actually optimizes the body's core temperature and it helps to evaporate sweat quicker than other fabrics. We have dual buckles here on the back, so you can really tailor the fit. And then, one of the neatest feature that really sets this pad apart is this overlap that we have right here. And this allows the pad to move independently - top and bottom. So, if you're a goalie and you're moving for a low shot and you move down, you're not gonna get that bunching that you get with a traditional pad. So, incredible new product from Maverik Lacrosse. Learn more at

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