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In this video Jeff from Maverik Lacrosse breaks down the details on their Rome RX3 Lacrosse Glove.

Transcript of the video:
Hi, I'm Jeff Legg with Maverik Lacrosse. Here to talk to you guys about the Rome RX3 Glove. The RX3 is new for 2016. It is the highest end glove in the Maverik line. The successor to the Rome NXT, which some of you may remember. A couple of the features we want to talk about on the RX3 are the PORON XRD Foam. This is the impact protection that Maverik's using across the whole RX3 line in critical zones. PORON XRD is a foam that absorbs impacts and disperses the energy throughout the foam. So incredible impact protection through the thumb and forefinger, where you need it most. Across the back of the hand on the RX3, you're going to see a couple of vents right here, which really increase air flow. On the inside of the glove, we've got our 37.5 liner. 37.5 is a fabric that Maverik uses. It's proprietary and it's incredible at not just wicking away moisture but actually regulating the optimal temperature of the body. So it draws the moisture in and then it helps to evaporate it quicker. So what that means for you are drier gloves, gloves that don't get crusty and with this air flow right here you're really going to find a glove that fits a lot more comfortably and gives you more control on the stick. What we have here on the palm is our AX Quattro Palm. So this is AX Suede right here. You'll notice minimal venting and minimal stitching and that's really just to make sure that you've got complete contact with the stick and the seams aren't getting in the way. You're also going to feel when you put this on, a tighter fit. We call it our speed fit. So it's a little bit more like a surgical glove around your hand. Certainly a preference that we've gotten from feedback from a lot of our elite athletes, MLL and college. So this the RX3 glove from Maverik Lacrosse. Learn more at

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