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In this video Jeff from Maverik Lacrosse shows off the details on their Rome RX3 Lacrosse Arm Protection Family.

Transcript of the video:
Hi, I'm Jeff Legg, Category Manager with Maverik Lacrosse, here to talk to you guys about the Rome RX3 Arm Guard family. So the RX3 is the new premier line of arm protection from Maverik. It's the successor to the NXT family. We've got the guard, we have the pad, and we have the elbow. I'm gonna tell you about a couple of the features that set this arm system apart and that are representative through all three styles. So first on the guard, what you're gonna notice when you pick this up is this is all from a blown EVA foam, and what that does is it allows us to contour the protection where you need it and also eliminating areas where you don't need it. So this has great impact protection in these critical areas, and it also is lightweight and extremely flexible. So this is this foam up here. We've got a hard cap to protect the elbow, and then we're also using the PORON XRD Foam, which we use across the whole RX3 line in what we call the "dead arm zone" right here. You'll find this in the guard and also in the pad. The sleeve system is also unique. This is our 37.5 sleeve system, not just wicking moisture away, but actually helping to evaporate the moisture quicker and creating an optimal temperature. What that means for the player is arm guards that don't slip. We also have adjustability here, two-way adjustability at the top and the bottom. So this is the RX2 Arm Guard family from Maverik Lacrosse. Learn more at

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