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Hi, guys. Kyle Morin here, category manager with Maverik Lacrosse, Cascade lacrosse, part of Bauer Performance Sports. We're up here at our corporate headquarters today. Want to talk to you more about the Rome NXT arm pad line, new for 2014. We're really, really excited about this arm pad line. We put a lot of work into R&D. Tried to really figure out the best anatomics that go into making a great arm pad. What we've brought to you this year is a new foam molding technology. And we're calling this technology Anaform. What we can do, is we can actually create molded foam, and molded foam designs, and shapes. And put a arm pad together, sort of piece by piece. 

So we're really able to look at the arm. And sort of dissect and break down where you can put padding. Where you can get away with putting seams. Where you don't take hard hits, and impacts over the course of a game. And really design a pad around that. At the same time what you'll find with these pads, and really the entire Rome NXT line is we're able to shave over 23% of the weight off of all of these pads versus our previous Rome line. Big difference, we realize that there's always going to be a correlation between lightweight pads and a level of performance, and expectations that go with that. So we're really excited about this pad. 

Two different sizes for this pad this year. It comes in a textile, sort of more traditional arm pad. Also it comes in a smaller mini pad, or it could be a defense style pad. So pretty versatile between the two. Great Spandex sleeve throughout. It really helps with that sort of fitting a variety of arms. It comes in two sizes, a medium, and a large. Between those two sizes you can hit a huge variety of arm sizes. You'll see this on all of our top sports marketing teams for this year. Look for Georgetown, Notre Dame, Colgate, Albany, Yale as well as team Australia in next year's World Games to be wearing the Rome NXT arm pads. So check them out on

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