Video of Maverik Range Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of Maverik Range Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Jeff Colburn from Maverik Lacrosse breaks down the details on their Range Attack Lacrosse Shaft .

Transcript of the video:
Hi, Jeff Colburn here, Category Manager of Maverik Lacrosse here with the Maverik Range Shaft. The Maverik Range Shaft is available in the traditional shape, the traditional octagon. It is an 8000 Series alloy shaft so it's a nice upgrade from the 7075 that a lot of players are using out there at a great price point. New to the Range Shaft is the ABE or adjustable butt end. What you can do is you just loosen up this butt end here, and you can actually slide it up and down the shaft to whatever preference you like. It is finished with our great grip, that sandy grip, so it has great feel in all weather conditions without adding extra weight here. A very nice lightweight endurable option. Be sure to check this Range Shaft out in all four colors at

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