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In this video Kevin with Maverik Lacrosse shows you the M3 Speed Pad with 37.5 Mesh Liner for faster evaporation.

Transcript of the video:
Hey, everybody, Evan Baker, Category Manager for Maverik Lacrosse Protective Equipment. I want to introduce you to the M3 Speed Pad. Our objective in creating the M3 Speed Pad was to create something that was going to drape very well, sit very close to the body, provide ultimate protection, but maximize mobility. So from a protection standpoint, utilizing our Anaform technology, so compression molded foam throughout the entire front arch area and then back panel design. Wanted to maximize mobility, as I mentioned, and drape, so there's going to be a stretchable mesh material that separates the Anaform technology, so giving you a nice close fit to the body. Another way we can improve fit is by utilizing our adjustable arch. So what the player has the ability to do is throw this pad on top of them, and then change the way that the pad actually fits, so you can wear it really high or really low, or whatever way makes for the maximized amount protection that you're looking for. Also from a fit standpoint, utilizing your four way breathable stretch mesh material that's going to wrap around your body be very, very comfortable. It won't bind. It won't pinch. From a comfort standpoint, utilizing our 37.5 liner technology. So, again, what that is, carbon particles are embedded permanently into the fiber. Then what those particles do is actually take that water away from the player's body, helping you maintain a 37.5 degrees Celsius body temperature, allowing you to perform at your optimum level. That way you're spending more energy actually putting it back into the game, versus trying to cool yourself down. So this is all about trying to maximize your over energy output, versus trying to cool your body down so you can perform at your height. So check out the M3 Speed Pad, available at

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