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In this video Kevin with Maverik Lacrosse shows you the M3 Gloves featuring Flow Cool Venting on the back hand to aid in disbursement of heat.

Transcript of the video:
Hey everybody, Evan Baker, Category Manager for protective at Maverik Lacrosse. I want to introduce you to the new M3 glove. So the first thing you're going to want to know about the M3 glove is the fit. Distinctly different fit profile from the Rome NXT, so more traditional. Wider through the fingers through the back of the hand and then through the cuff area. One of the things that we wanted to do to make this glove more personalized from a fit standpoint is give you the ability to adjust not only your fit but also your protection. The ability to actually change the fit or flare of your cuff, so you can wear it tight to increase protection or you can wear it loose to maximize mobility. One of the things you're going to notice right away is this bright green liner. We wanted to do that to call your attention to the new technology in the liner. It's called 37.5. What that actually is, is the degrees in Celsius at which the athlete's body has its most optimal performance. Utilizing carbon that's actually permanently embedded into the liner, we can pull water away from the body. And what that allows the glove to do is dry faster utilizing the technology versus having your body try and cool you down, so you can put more energy back into play versus trying to cool yourself down. Big technology in regards to ventilation as well. Trying to keep the player cool would be our Inhaler mesh palm, so that's the black mesh material through the palm. As the air flows through your hand as you're making your movements on the field, as it wraps around the hand actually giving you a flow cool vent on the back of the glove. So getting full ventilation through the palm and then through the back of the hand. And then probably another-- one of the big big technologies with this glove is going to be the AX SUEDE material. So it's a great palm material and what that allows us to do is a couple of things. Material's very, very, durable so you're not going to get that wear and that breakdown that you might get if you're a player who takes their shaft. It's going to stay very, very, soft through the life of the glove because of the technology built into it. It also has some moisture management properties. So a lot of great technology built into this glove. Check out the M3 at

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