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In this video Kevin with Maverik Lacrosse shows you the M3 Arm Pads and Elbow Pads featuring 37.5 Mesh Liner.

Transcript of the video:
Hi everybody, Kevin Baker category manager from Maverik Lacrosse protective equipment. I want to introduce you to the new M3 arm pad and M3 elbow pad. So utilizing our Anaform technology which is a compression molded foam throughout the bicep and forearm protection and as well as the elbow cap, trying to give you maximize protection also while allowing you to have maximize movement. Another way that we're going to create an overall better fit profile for this pad is our new free flex sleeve design. This sleeve was actually built to fit the arm first before we even attach the pads, so actually the main attachment system is through the back of the Anaform technology. So it's all about the fit on the arm and maximizing comfort level there, improving overall fit, utilizing a silicon grip print though the top as well as these four way breathable stretch mesh materials that will not bind as the player is wearing it, so allowing you to maximize your overall movement. Final technology built into both pads it's going to be this 37.5 technology, so 37.5 degree Celsius is where an athlete performs at their optimum level. By currently embedding carbon particles into the material, we can whip moisture away from the players body allowing you to expend more energy into actual playing, into scoring, into getting more ground balls versus trying to cool yourself down. Technology allows you to perform at your optimal level. Make sure you check out the M3 arm pad as well as D-pad available at

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