Video of Maverik Hyperlite Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of Maverik Hyperlite Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video the Trice from breaks down the Maverik Hyperlite Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with, and today, we are taking a look at the Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Maverik Lacrosse. These guys are really, really clean-looking, super light in the hands. But for a greater detail look, let's go ahead and zoom in a little bit and jump right into it. All right, guys. So right here is the Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Maverik Lacrosse. What Maverik is doing with these, they're changing the game. They're looking at dominating the offensive side of the field with this new shaft. So let's get this zoomed in. As you can see, the shaft is gonna be available with two finishes. This one in my hand is the matte finish. It's almost got like a tacky feel to it, if you will. Behind me, the glossy shaft, that is the grit grip finish. I'll get to that in just a second. This is the lightest and stiffest carbon fiber shaft on the market. Most of the manufacturers, when they're going with the composite or carbon shaft, they're looking for a flex zone or flex rating or something like that. They went the other way. They want to give you the consistency and added strength out of the stiffness of this shaft. You can actually see the carbon through the grip there. It's actually really, really clean. I really like the Hyperlite logo there. They've given you the ABE or adjustable butt end on the end. There's the carbon fiber. Really clean finish on the end of the cap. It's got a traditional shape to it, so you know the control that you'll be able to expect out of it. There's a minor...see if I could show you on this end. There's a minor concave in the facets running the length of the shaft. Really, really lightweight in the hand. In fact, if you take a look up in this corner, I'm going to throw it on the scale. It does weigh in at five ounces without the ABE, and you're looking at about 5.2 with the adjustable butt end on there. But, guys, this is really, really clean. Again, this one here is the matte finish and then...sit this down, grab this guy here. This is your grit grip. It's got a gloss finish to it, but in the light you can actually see the grip right there. Again, fantastically light shaft. A lot of control is gonna come out of the stiffness of this. You're looking for consistency and added shock power. I really like how they closed off the end here, just really clean all around. All right, guys. So that's gonna wrap up your overview on Maverik Lacrosse's Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Again, available in two finishes. You've got the matte finish and the grit grip finish. Only five ounces for a carbon shaft for making it the lightest and stiffest carbon shaft on the market. Quite an improvement here. If you want to, guys, please go ahead, throw me a like. You can click the link right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I've got a link right over here that'll take you straight to, so you can check out all the other sweet Maverik Lacrosse goodies we've got on the site or check out any of these two videos for two other really nice Maverik products. Again, as always, thanks for watching. Have a great day.