Video of Maverik Heist Women's Lacrosse Head video of Maverik Heist Women's Lacrosse Head

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In this video Jenna from Maverik Lacrosse goes over the details on their Heist Women’s Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
Jenna Abelli here, category manager for women's Lacrosse at Maverik Lacrosse, here to talk to you today about the new Heist Head. The Heist is designed for the elite mid fielder or defender. It's designed specifically with a more moderate face shape, which is going to allow catching and intercepting balls with ease. It has a more moderate scoop shape which is really going to help that defender snag the ground balls away from the attacker, and it has a very, very stiff side wall which is going to help support in-checking and in-ground balls. The strong head comes with the new air wire pocket. The air wire pocket has super thin stringing made from aramid fiber technology, which is going to really reduce the overall weight of the head without compromising durability. Learn more about the Heist Head at

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