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In this video Trice with breaks down the details on the Maverik Centrik Universal Lacrosse Head, including the Level 4 Bottom Rail.

Transcript of the video:
How's it going, everybody? This is Trice here with, and today we're going to break down the Maverik Centrik Universal Lacrosse Head. Let's check this out. Alright, guys. So before we get too detailed, we'll look at this Maverik Centrik Universal Lacrosse Head. I'm going to go ahead and get this weighed up for you real quick. And it's tipping the scales there at 4.8 ounces. Makes this a fairly light, pretty sturdy head. Let's go ahead and get right down into the details now. So first thing you're going to notice right off is a nice, big, chrome Maverik logo as well as the Centrik universal ball stop that they incorporated here. It's nice and rubber material. Also, this head is a matte finish head with gloss accents. I'm sure you can see some of those in there. Then as we come around, you're going to notice the Centrik logo right at the base of the throat. You're also going to notice the three struts here, three-strut design. That's going to give you a perfect balance between superior, lightweight, and stiffness. You look through the other side, you're going to see cutouts here further reducing the weight, also the nice Maverik logo that they added. As I come back a little bit, you'll see all the stringing holes, there's actually 17 on here, 2 large at the top and 15 remaining. That gives you plenty of stringing options on this head, but they really designed it for that mid-high pocket, aiding in power and consistent hold throughout game play. As we come through on the scoop, you're going to notice a big USA logo. Maverik took a lot of pride in making sure that this head was produced in the USA, providing premium materials, superior quality and unrivaled testing on this head. Again, with the matte finish and the gloss accents as we come around. See those on the other side. Come through to the back, you're going to notice the U, single screw hole. Nothing too crazy. It's got a nice narrow throat, that's for maximum control. And other than that, that about wraps it up for the Maverik Centrik Universal Lacrosse Head. Go ahead and check that out at

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