Video of Maverik Centrik Special Colored Lacrosse Head video of Maverik Centrik Special Colored Lacrosse Head

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In this video Trice from shows off the color options for the Maverik Centrik Special Colored Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys, this is Trice here from And today we're breaking down the Maverik Centrik Special Colored Lacrosse Heads. Let's check these out. All right, so we've got the High School Special Colored Centrik Lacrosse Heads here. I want to show you guys just a few of the highlights with the colors. As you can see, there's a lot of gloss and matte finish details on these. I'll get this focused for you. There's that nice big logo. There's your High School ball stop. As you can see, look at the gloss and matte changes, Centrik logo on your sidewall. Get a nice tint on there; same sidewall pattern, three strut design, nice flat scoop, again on the ball stop there. Here's your High School single screw hole. I really want to show you guys and accent these gloss sidewalls with the matte scoop. And really nice on the inside, they bring that up and around. So you can see that, there. Nice touch with the Maverik logo here all the way around. And of course, as Maverik likes to go, made in the USA, unrivaled testing keeps it in the states. All right, guys, for a more in-depth look on the Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head, go ahead and check out the video for the white version. These guys here, on the special colors, are available in this red, grey, royal blue, black and gold options. And, don't forget to check these out on Thanks for watching.