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In this video Trice from goes in depth on the details of the Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
Hey, guys! What's going on? This is Trice here, from, and today, we're going to breakdown the Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head. Let's dive right in. All right, so I've got your Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head here and, before I get into too much detail, I'm going to go ahead and get this weighted for you. So, let me grab my scale real fast. There we go. Put this guy on here. All right, so she's coming in at 4.6 ounces. That makes this a fairly light head but, with it being so light, you don't have to concern so much yourself with losing any strength in the head, mainly due to, let me focus that, there we go, this three strut design right here. These three struts here are going to give you a great balance between the lightweight aspect and the strength of this head, keeping it a very stiff head, as you can see here. And then, with it being light weight, if you look through the other side, you're going to notice these cutouts. These cutouts are greatly reducing the amount of weight that this head has in it. So, as we come back down towards the throat, you're going to notice a nice and narrow throat, aiding in maximum control and, being an NFHS head, this is going to be narrow from the jump. We like this metal Maverik logo here right on the throat and then you'll also notice, if I turn the head a few times, you'll notice that there's a lot of matte finish and gloss accents throughout the entire head. When I turn it up, you're going to see the ball stop here. The ball stop's really nice, rubbery feel, high school-centric. Really nice. Then I'll flip it over. You're going to see the centric logo here. And then, coming back towards the sidewall, this has a level four bottom rail here. That's aimed towards, really designed for a mid-high pocket, for added power and consistent hold throughout game play. But they've given you 17 sidewall holes here, stringing holes. So, you have a lot of room to play with the pocket in general. Coming through to the underside of the scoop, right here you're going to notice the USA logo. I'll make that even clearer for you. So, Maverik takes great pride in the USA. They take a lot of pride in the fact that this head is both tested and manufactured in the USA, using premium materials and unrivaled testing techniques. As we come through to the other side, I'll try to accent the gloss and the matte finishes as best I can. You'll notice that the sidewall itself is mainly gloss, while the top rail and the bottom rail are the matte. And the same thing on the inside, carry the gloss around the inside. As we come through the underside here, you're going to notice the HS, for NFHS, and the single screw hole and all the little weight reduction holes that they've tried to cut out here. One of them on the other side. Four string holes on the bottom. You've got six up top. And, other than that, guys, that's going to wrap it up for the Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head. Remember to check that out on and thanks for watching.

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