Video of Maverik C2 Lacrosse Gloves video of Maverik C2 Lacrosse Gloves

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In this video Mike with shows you the Inhaler Mesh Palm featured on the C2 Gloves.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong with and these are the Maverik C2 Gloves. C2 Gloves are made of dual-density foam that are going to be able to withstand harder checks, and they're going to be a great option for an intermediate player looking to upgrade gloves. The C2 Gloves use multiple breaks in the fingers and knuckles to increase mobility. There's a vent at the top of the hand to disperse heat. It uses a mesh palm for increased airflow and feel. It has a floating wrist cuff for increased wrist protection, as well as a three piece cuff for increased mobility. Check out the Maverik C2 Gloves at today.

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