Video of Maverik Bounce Back Target 4'x3' Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder video of Maverik Bounce Back Target 4'x3' Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder

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In this video Trice from breaks down the assembly of the Maverik Bounce Back 4’x3’ Rebounder.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys. This is Trice with and today I'm walking you through the assembly of the Maverik Bounce Back. Let's go ahead. All right guys. So you've got your Maverik Bounce Back here. This is actually the box that comes shipped to you from our warehouse here in Brookline, New Hampshire. I'm going to open this one up and show you guys the display box inside and then lay all the parts out inside, so you can see what actually comes inside the box. Your display box on your Maverik Bounce Back looks about like this. All right. So this is what your display box is going to look like. Comes inside this sweet shipping box straight again, from our warehouse here in Brookline, New Hampshire. And then give me just a second, I'll get this guy opened up and I'll lay out all the parts for you, so you can take a look and see what's exactly inside this guy. We'll get to assembling, all right? All right. So I went ahead and laid out all the parts for you, as you can see. I'm going to grab them, tell you what they're labeled as far as on the instructions and then we'll get right to assembling this guy, all right. So the main part of your rebounder right here, that's labeled as part number one. Then you have number two. They also call this the short leg. Number three, which is the long leg. You have two of each of this. Number five and number four. Number four and number five mate together, number three mates with number one and number two mates with number one as well. So we'll go ahead and get right on the assembly. So first things first, we're going to grab both number two poles, also known as the short legs on the assembly instructions. All right, come right over to number one. Open this guy up here. And this is the lower end of the rebounder here and they want you to take number two and get that right in here. So you push your push pins together, snaps right in place. Again with this other one over here, push pins together and that snaps right in place. Then we're going to come over and grab number three. Again there is two of each of these. And number three is going to make into this angling piece here. This is the back half of the leg support system. So again, this comes in, push your push pins together, snap that right in and repeat that same process on this side. Just like so. Then we're going to take one number five and one number four and make those together and that will give you the base of each legs. So these slide together, snap in place. You got another one right here. So again, the push pins make this really nice and easy. So you grab both of these guys. And you have both legs set up here. The assembly instructions do recommend that this is a two person job, but as you can see, this is a solo operation in the video, so it can be done with one person. And again, on the bottom half here, so line that up. Line your second set of legs up. I really like the push pins. Again, they make this way too easy. There you go. And then you have your lock-in pins down here and what you want to use these for is after you lift this up, you'll see down here, we have the option for the angle at which you want the rebounder to stand. I'm just going to put this in the first hole to make it easier on you. Right there. Repeat that on the other side. Just like so. Like that. And we are going to stand this guy up. And this takes a little muscle and it snaps right in place. Just like that. And then, all you've got to do to finish this guy off is, take your mat itself. Whirl these around and lock them in. So we'll go all the way around. Really simple assembly for something that's such a crucial piece of your training. There you go. Right in there. And again, you just kind of follow this all this way around the map. There's there. That's all the way. Just make sure that this is locked up nice and tight. And as you can see, here's your pin here. You can actually change the angle that you've got this situated out if you want to. If you're going to want to do that, I'd recommend throwing it down on its side. Rolling it over to the front. Right. And then you could pull these two pins out. You get over to the other side. Say you want a different angle. Then just drop it. Drop the pin into another hole. There you go. Repeat that same process on the other half. Just like that. And then again, pull it over on its side and stand this guy right on up again. And that will change the angle for you. And that right there is the assembly on your Maverik Bounce Back Rebounder. There you go guys. Hope you enjoy it.