Video of Maverik Bolt Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of Maverik Bolt Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Jeff with Maverik Lacrosse shows you the Speed Shape featured on the Bolt Handle.

Transcript of the video:
Jeff Colburn here with Maverik Lacrosse, Category Manager for Men's shafts, here to introduce the new Bolt Shaft for 2015. The Bolt Shaft is part of our speed series, so our lightest line of shafts. It's got that speed shape, so it has some nice grooves for your hand placement, especially for the offensive guy. Made of 7000 series, this is a very good value shaft, a nice upgrade from maybe your complete stick. We got three great color options here, lots of graphics, lot going on, some really nice colors going on there. Be sure to check out the new Bolt Shaft. Available at

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