Video of Maverik A1 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - 2016 Graphics video of Maverik A1 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - 2016 Graphics

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In this video Jeff with Maverik Lacrosse shows you the Adjustable Butt End featured on the A1 Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
Jeff Colburn here with Maverik Lacrosse, Men's Shaft Category Manager here with the new A1 Shaft for 2015. The lowest new A1 design here, in the new material. This is made of scandium alloy. This is part of our Speed Series, so you'll see our speed shape in there. This is our lightest shaft on the line. The whole Speed Series is really designed for lightweight offensive and fast. This has our grit grip, which is an all-weather grip material so it has that sandy finish. And then, lastly, you'll notice the new butt end. The adjustable butt end, or the aid as we refer it. Each shaft comes with this tool here. What you do is you just loosen up the aid and you can slide it and adjust it to whatever your preference is to the end and then you come in here and you lock this down for a sure fit design. Make sure you put a little tape on there and you're ready to go. Be sure to check this shaft out, the new A1 Shaft, at available in royal blue, white, gunmetal and black.