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The Box Head Pinch has been developed to consistently pinch field lacrosse heads to a box head (shape) preference. The box head pinch is made of aluminum, holds lacrosse heads firmly, and operates by being placed in an oven.

Typical Usage Steps:

(1) Pre-Heat oven to 350F (176 C).

(2) Place a blank lacrosse head into the box head pinch face down.

(3) Using oven gloves, place box head pinch into the oven for approximately 5 minutes.

(4) Using oven gloves, remove box head pinch from the oven and place in a freezer for 15-30 minutes.


(1) Buyer assumes all risk of product usage. The box head pinch is aluminum and will not burn. The lacrosse head, which is made with a range of different plastic type materials, is at risk of burning. Please use responsibly.


For Q&A :
In this video Trice with breaks down the Lax Room Box Lacrosse Head Pinch Jig.

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