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Warrior Kryptolyte Mike Leveille Machine Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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Manufacturer Description



Lightweight, strong and sexy - everything you want in a lacrosse handle without all of the fuss. Made from high grad C-405 aluminum alloy materials and formed into Warrior's exclusive Kung Fu Grip shape for ultimate stick control.

Comes with a 6 month limit warranty against manufacturers defects.

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GREAT !!!!

Things I Liked:

really really strong i mean really really strong. I went through 2 drill bits trying to put a hole for my head!!!!!!
Graphics are amazing

Things to Improve:

nothing at all

Full Review:

GREAT Shaft buy now before it becomes crazy popular.
friend bought 7 and either sells them or uses them !!!!!

spencer - boston mass. - 7/10/2009

spencer you wrong

Things I Liked:

how strong it is

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

there is no grip the graphics are lame and it is wicked heavy i had an AL pro 600 and put it on my answer pro and it was lighter then the mike leveille shaft

charles - Winchester - 7/22/2009

Nice shaft

Things I Liked:

light shaft
pretty strong

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

i would buy it before they run out

Miles - Georgia - 1/29/2010

Cool looks

Things I Liked:

It looks cool and is cheap and a good shaft

Things to Improve:


Full Review:

charles alloy shafts are normally going to be lighter but not as durable then others. and u could not expect this to have grip any different they most shafts

Charlie - New Jersey - 5/1/2010


Things I Liked:

pretty light, cool designs

Things to Improve:

when you pull off tape the outside coat of the shaft comes off

Full Review:

over all good for the price but i would get a krytolyte 9 for the extra 10 bucks

Jacob Sheppard - Atlanta Georgia - 11/12/2011


Things I Liked:

Weight Strength Shape

Things to Improve:

Butt End

Full Review:

The Kryptolyte is one the best feeling shafts on the market in my opinion; It's lightweight, has rounded edges and a smooth, metallic texture to it. As for the graphics, I personally find it a bit busy. Note that they are easily removed; old tape may peel off graphics. Always preferred Maverik butt Ends to Warrior's, but to each his own. The Kryptolyte is still, in my opinion, one of the best feeling shafts out there.

John - Seattle, WA - 10/18/2012

great shaft

Things I Liked:

strong, great grip, no dents so far, pretty light, graphics

Things to Improve:

more or better placed screw holes

Full Review:

have 2 of these, cheap and lightweight, love them so far

Daniel - Arlington, Massachusetts - 4/3/2014

Retail Price: $90.00

Our Price: $29.95


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