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What's That Smell?

It's the odor-causing bacteria that lives in the humid air in your gear and every time you sweat the odor increases. Protective gloves for sports such as Lacrosse, Hockey, Boxing, and Soccer... as well as cleats, shoes, boots, and skates are expensive and once properly broken in, are difficult to replace. When you gloves and shoes are saturated with sweat from frequent use, odor-causing bacteria grows and produces an unpleasant odor. Once this happens, cleaning your gloves and shoes is a difficult task and leads to early replacement and expense.

Why GloveStix?

GloveStix are designed to easily insert into the gloves and shoes when they are not in use. They quickly absorb the moisture, eliminate the odor, and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Set Includes:

2 GloveStix Sticks

2 Deodorizing Insert Bags

Durable Handle

Each GloveStix set has replaceable deodorizing and moisture-absorbing bags in the perforated tubes. To further inhibit odor-causing bacteria growth and destroy odors, SilverSeal antimicrobial technology infuses the plastic used in GloveStix with silver ions. GloveStix infused with SilverSeal has been shown to inhibit 99.9% of staph, and ecoli growth, on the product surface, over a 24 hour period.

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