Video of Gait Men's Cork End Cap For Your Lacrosse Stick video of Gait Men's Cork End Cap For Your Lacrosse Stick

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In this video Paul with shows you a less destructive way remove your Cork End Cap.

Transcript of the video:
All right, this is bringing you another video on the GAIT Cork End Cap. After my last video and the five minutes it took me to drill out the other Cork End Cap, someone suggested putting a big long stick down the shaft and shoving it out the other end. So, I haven't tried this yet. I'm going to do it and see if this actually works.

So, here, we'll put the end cap in as we had before. The cork end cap. Easy to go in, you put that first part in, the second part in. We've got it in all the way. It's completely flush. 

Now, we'll see. Hopefully, this works. The only issue if it does, I'm not sure it'll really work after it's been in for six months, or 12 months, or whatever. I purchased at Home Depot, actually, an aluminum rod. So this is a 3/8. . . here let me show you here. It's 3/8, has to be 36 inches long. Obviously, has to be longer than the shaft to stick out. Shafts, attack shafts are 30 inches. If you have a goalie or D pole you're going to be a lot harder to find something long enough to do it well. But, we'll see.

So I'm going to try to balance this on the bottom here, just on the edge of this. And I'll hammer this in with the other one, and see what happens. All right, let's try it again. I think I felt some movement there. Okay, it did move out a little here, so I think I can get it out.

All right, so that does work. Oops. I see some pieces here. I don't know where, I saw some little green pieces flying around. But this will come back out, at least right after you put it in. Again, I'm not sure, you still might need to use that other, you might have to destroy it the other way if it's been in there for quite a while because I'm not sure after it's been out in the heat and out in the cold and expanded more, you might have problems.

I can't, see, okay, I got it back in here again, too. Otherwise, I have to put that back in. So this does work. Thanks to someone who suggested that. So if you have some long metal rod like that and you don't mind spending five bucks to get this out, and if it hasn't been in too long, this could be a method to get it out of there. So, there we go. Thanks.