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In this video Paul with shows you one way to remove your Cork End Cap.

Transcript of the video:
This is I'm going to give you a little demonstration video on installing the GAIT Cork End Cap. And I'll also show you one way of taking it off. So first of all the GAIT Cork End Cap comes in two pieces. This is actually an STX shaft, but this will fit onto any shaft. One thing I've had to do with some shafts especially if it's not a straight octagon like this, if these sides are pinched in it all, sometimes I'll have to remove one or both of these rubber gaskets here, rubber pads or whatever you're going to call it. So these you could just rip off if you really needed to. I'm not sure if I'll need to on this one or not. This is the first time I put it on. 

So put it on all the way, see there's no gap there. But you still have a hole on the end here. What I'm going to do is I'm going to be inserting this into it. If you notice on this particular mold, you have two little holes. What this is for is if you want, you can feed through some string. Here's some side wall that I think is actually a little too big. But you could feed through a string in there, loop it through, tie it on the other end, and that stays in there. And in theory, you should be able to pull it back out. Ninety-nine percent of the people don't do this, because you really aren't removing this end cap once you put it on. The whole idea behind it is it's about as permanent as you're gonna get. So you push this in. See, it's pretty tight here. And then you wanna shove it down. Now listen I'm not gonna do it in my nice... There are already scratches on this table, but you don't wanna do this on wood. 

What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put this, I'm gonna tap this on the ground now pretty firmly. Okay, see, there we go. So I smacked this on the floor. This is carpeting. I probably could smack it again on some... I've a brick over here. I'll smack it on that. Here we go, okay. Now we got it down even more. So here you go. And this is not coming off for anything. So I'll pause this video and I'm gonna show you how to take it off. You're gonna destroy it to take it off. So you can't put it on and take it off and put it back on again. I'll show you one way to take it out, but again you will be destroying the end cap. The goal is is to get the end cap off without scratching and marketing up your shaft. So I'm gonna do that in a moment.

All right, so I'm not kidding. You're going to destroy this end cap taking it off. Here's the tools I'm going to use here. I have a drill bit. I've got the widest drill bit I could find here. This is a 3,8 bit, but you can even probably use a 5,8 bit, 3.25-inch bit, something wide. The idea that I'm going to do here is I'm going to drill this part setter. I'm going to drill right in the center here to try to compromise the plastic, get a crack in there, and then I'm gonna punch this through with my screw driver and the hammer here. So here is what we're gonna do. For drilling, you don't need to put this on the brick but for drilling it... you kind of wiggle it around a little bit. 

All right, we'll see if this works. So I was trying to really...There we go. See, I really drilled into the side here. I was trying to get through this whole wall. I figured I do, so I could... Oops, I can't really see it there. I'm going to try to punch this in if we can get that wedge back out. Come on. 

Oh, [inaudible 00:04:46] again, digging right into it. If you had an actual punch, it'd probably be better than a screw driver here, but I just had the screwdriver. It's all I had. We're trying to break the center piece, so you can see here, wedge that in, and then I'm just gonna split that head in there.

Let's see here.

I could see some of the metal here. It's even now. This sucker is just really in here. If you could see, let's try and drill it just a little bit more.

Looks like I'm getting somewhere.

That's it.

Still not coming out. Wow, see what I mean about this thing not...?

Oops, I just lost my drill bit.

Holly cow. Starting to get it a little bit. Look at that, it's at a little bit of an angle.

All right, finally got it off. So much for my goal. I scratched it a little bit there. That's because I was getting impatient and putting it against the cinder block. But now that's pretty much out of there, and this I can just get out with a screwdriver. There it is off. So not the cleanest way to do it, but you can do this without damaging the outside of your shaft. Again because I was getting impatient, I whacked it against a brick here. But I can take that off. So that's one way to take it off.

Other suggestions I've heard are putting it on a vice where it's on, and just crank it, and just turn it, and crank on it. One thing I don't like about that is I'm worried again about scratching your shaft off. I'm also worried about you flying across the room. So, here , the idea was we just drill that center piece out, and then we pulled it out with a screw driver. All right, thanks.