Video of FireThreads Lacrosse Head Shooter Lace Shooting String video of FireThreads Lacrosse Head Shooter Lace Shooting String

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In this video Trice with shows off the FireThreads Lacrosse Head Shooter Lace.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with, and today, with some help from my main man, Stan, we're going to take a look at the FireThreads Shooting Lace lacrosse head shooting strings. So I have them right here. They're available in this lime green and black, and the all-white snow options. They are identical as far as performance is concerned. With the grip print, it has a solid strip on one side, and then the segmented side on the other half with the Fire logo. If you take a look right up here, that'll give you a really detailed shot on both the snow, and the lime green and black. The Shooting Lace is known for doing multiple, really fantastic things with the lacrosse heads. It holds fantastic knot tension. It really helps in reducing the greaser effect on balls, so you don't feel the ball slipping out of the head as much anymore. But where it really stands on its own is adding an extraordinary amount of hold in the head and giving you a ton of additional incredible snap off the shooting strings, and even potentially added power onto your shots. But these are the FireThreads Shooting Lace lacrosse head shooting strings, and that's going to wrap up your overview. So if you liked the video, don't be shy, please go ahead and throw me a "like". If you want to, you can click right down here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where I've always got fresh content coming out, I've got a button to take you straight over to, or you could check out one of these two links to either check out the other FireThreads options that we've got here or even take a look at the creation story behind how these even got started. But thanks for watching, guys. Have a great day.