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In this video Trice from breaks down the Epoch Hawk Sequel Lacrosse Head.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with, and today I'm breaking down the Epoch Hawk Sequel Lacrosse Head. Let's jump right in. All right guys, so right here, we've got Epoch Hawk Sequel Lacrosse Head. We're going to go ahead and break down these details for you. As you can see, radical redesign for the Hawk, beautiful new head though. Much like the Italian sports cars that inspired the design on this Hawk here, the Sequel, this guy is designed and engineered for maximum speed, control and power. As you can see, this bottom rail here gives you the prime placement for a mid-high pocket, for players who prefer a mid-high pocket with uber-quick release, really looking at catering to that player there. But with the stringing options, they let you run the field with where you exactly want your pocket. They give you plenty of options. They've got this nice single bar sidewall brace design. Tons of vertical strength. Nice and stiff in this lateral as well. Beautiful E here. Really clean ball stop. And as you can see, these two huge cutouts on both sides, those are going to drop a lot of weight off the head. Nice E here on the side. And then tons of details, like the Hawk, "Made in the USA," "Live, Play, Be." And then again, that E right there. Really clean all the way around. The head itself is constructed using a proprietary blend, looking at making it a very strong head while still remaining very flexible when needed. The scoop of the head has actually been ergonomically maximized, looking at improving the ground-ball contact here, regardless of what turf you're on, be it field, artificial turf, it doesn't matter. The ground-ball capabilities of this head are going to be hard to match. Really clean, let's see if I can show you here. They've retained that laid back profile here, so it slopes back towards the scoop. All around, just a fantastic performing head. Let's get this guy up on the scale and let you take a look at the weight. Right there at 4.6 ounces. Really clean. Impressive styling queues. Just gorgeous. Well guys, that's going to wrap up the Epoch Hawk Sequel Lacrosse Head. Go ahead and check this out on Thanks for watching.

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