Video of Epoch Dragonfly X30 iQ5 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of Epoch Dragonfly X30 iQ5 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Trice from highlights the details on the Epoch Dragonfly X30 iQ5 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's up everybody? This is Trice here at and today we're talking about the Gen.6 Dragonfly X30 iQ5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Epoch Lacrosse. Let's go ahead, check out some of these details and talk about the ins and outs. Alright guys, sitting right here at the table I've got the Gen. 6 Dragonfly X30 iQ5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Epoch Lacrosse. I'm going to go ahead and get this guy set up on a scale for you, let you take a look at the digits, and then I'll break down some of the details and size. So let's go ahead. There we go. With an end cap here, set that down, right there, 5.8 ounces. That's a nice, lightweight shaft. I'm going to start up at the top of the shaft here and I'll work my way down. Get this nice and tight and get this focused for you. There we go. Alright so you see the X, the X is for the shape of the shaft. This is an extreme concave shaft. So as you can see, that's a pretty serious concave right here. It's going to give you a good feel to handle, a lot of control with the X shaft. You'll feel it in your fingers. Look there's , right there for your thumb, you can feel it down here in the tip of your finger as you wrap your hand around. Really good feel and a lot of control coming from the X shape. As we move down the shaft, you're going to take note of the graphics, really clean and simple. Similar to that of the Gen. 5, but with minor improvements. As I spin it in the light, I am sure that you can notice the grit in the grip, they call that the slip grip. That allows you to quickly move your hands to where you need them to be, but when they have to come to a halt, you can halt your hands, and that's going to be responsive in all weather. So as we come back down towards the butt-end side of the shaft, spin this around. And this actually goes ahead and lists you the technologies in the shaft. So I am just going to show you Gen. 6, X30 that's the shaft itself. It's got torque box in this shaft. Torque box is new for the Gen. 6. That's them manipulating particular layers in the carbon fiber in key areas on the shaft. These layers are so thin that you're talking less than a sheet of paper. What they've done is just above your bottom hand and all the way through to the top of the shaft, they've altered some of the orientation to really increase the strength towards the center of the shaft, looking to giving you optimal flex in one direction and not side to side. Reload technology, the same thing as that is in the Gen. 5, and then here is your flex rating. Again, this is a 5, so right in the middle of the range. If it were a lower number, you would have a stiffer flex and if it were higher number, you would have a higher softer flex. That's going to be the butt-end there. Nice rubber butt-end, so you know it's got a nice feel on the hand. A good lip on it too, so it will stop your hand as you slide down. That's the X30 Gen. 6 Dragonfly with an iQ rating of 5 right there and that;s going to wrap that guy up for you. Don't forget to check that out at and I really appreciate you guys watching.