Video of Epoch Dragonfly X30 iQ5 Gen. 5 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of Epoch Dragonfly X30 iQ5 Gen. 5 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Trice from explains some of the technologies used in Epoch’s Dragonfly Gen 5 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shafts.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, this is Trice with and today I want to take a moment of your time and give you a general over-view of Epoch's Gen 5 Dragonfly Attack Lacrosse Shafts. Let's dig into some of these details and get a better understanding as to what exactly makes these shafts so awesome. Check this out. So here we have the Epoch Gen 5 Dragonfly Attack Lacross Shafts. These come available in four separate options. You have your choice of a C30, an E30, X30, and F30. When you look at these numbers and the letters, they're really quite simple when you break them down. Your C stands for Concave, E for Ergonomic, X for Extreme Concave, and F for Face Off. All of these shafts come available as an IQ-5 or an IQ-9, whereas the F30 is only available as an IQ-5. The IQ number itself stands for the amount of flex that the shaft has. The lower the IQ number the lower the less flex. The higher the IQ number the more flex the shaft contains. Instead of using fiber glass, Epoch achieves the flex by manipulating the orientation of the carbon fiber itself, and this results in a shaft that bends when you need it to but still remains firm for ultimate game play and control. When your shaft flexes the way these do, you're naturally going to have an amount of rebound or reload on the shaft which is simply the shaft returning to its natural position. Epoch spins this and uses it to their and your advantage by using high modulus carbon fibers with a low FAW, or Fiber Ariel Weight. Simply meaning that the fiber strands that they use are very strong yet very thin, allowing them to pack more fibers into each shaft. This creates a sense of urgency within the fibers themselves, resulting in maximum recoil. Especially when in consideration for shooting and passing. The axis technology along with ACL, or Advanced Carbon Layering, is Epoch mandating the actual layout for the carbon sheets when producing the shafts. And the way they do this is it starts off with a 0 degree layer, a 45 degree layer, an opposing 45 degree layer, another 0 degree layer, and then lastly a 90 degree layer. All of these layers perform a different task and attribute to the shaft in a different way, giving it its special characteristics. But in all they make the shaft itself one ultimate game weapon. Go ahead and check these guys out at