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The Dragonfly Integra is designed for the advancing player looking to make the jump from an alloy to carbon fiber shaft. The standard concave shaft offers a familiar feel for players looking to add some new technology to their game. Proudly made in the USA.

Generation: Dragonfly Integra

Position: Defense

Length: 60"

Geometry: Concave

Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber

Flex: iQ8

Top Coat: Slip/Grip

Release Point: Uniform

Technology Platform: Reload Technology

Warranty: 1-Year

Dragonfly Integra:

The perfect marriage of design and function. The Dragonfly Integra builds upon the legacy created by Dragonfly through the generations. Priced at a very attractive level, this is the perfect time to replace your conventional alloy shaft and step into some serious lacrosse technology.

Reload Technology:

When passing or shooting, a load is introduced to the shaft causing it to flex back, which causes the carbon fibers to be stretched along the front of the shaft and compressed along the back. Reload Technology takes advantage of this situation by using low F.A.W. (Fiber Areal Weight) and high-modulus carbon fiber, which creates urgency for the fibers to return to their natural position for maximum recoil.

"Kick" Your Game Up:

The Dragonfly Integra's Uniform Release point is designed to maximize shaft performance by creating a natural kick-point or flex point just above your top hand, when shooting and passing.

Made in America with Pride:

With access to the world's best engineers, raw materials and the latest manufacturing processes. The Dragonfly Integra is Made in America with Pride. Epoch will continue to lead the development of technology in the lacrosse world for generations.

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For Q&A :
In this video Trice goes over the Epoch Dragonfly Integra C60 iQ8 Defense Lacrosse Shaft.

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In this video Epoch highlights the Dragonfly Integra Shafts.

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