Video of Epoch Dragonfly E30 iQ9 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of Epoch Dragonfly E30 iQ9 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Trice from highlights the details on the Epoch Dragonfly E30 iQ9 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
hat's going on guys? This is Trice with, and today we are going to break down the Gen. 6 Dragonfly E30 IQ9 Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Epoch Lacrosse. Let's go ahead and check out these details. All right guys, so laying down right there I've got your Gen. 6 Dragonfly E30 IQ9 Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Epoch Lacrosse. I'm going to get this guy tossed up on the scale, let you take a look at the numbers. And then I will break down the details for you. Let's make this happen. Get my scale up here. Let that guy calm down. With an end cap, the E30 IQ9 weighs in at 5.9 ounces. Now that is a nice reliable weight on this shaft. Now being a carbon fiber shaft, it's going to have a ton of response and a ton of strength in with it. All right, so we are going to start from the top, work our way down. Get this nice and focused for you. All right, so you've got an E and an IQ9. IQ9 being the flex rating and E stands for the shape of the shaft itself. The shape of the shaft...Let me get this pulled in here so you can see this. E stands for ergonomic. It's thicker in the front and thinner in the back. So that when I grip this shaft, when I flip this over you can see that ridge runs right on my fingertips. Keeps it nice and tight in the palm. Really gives you a ton of control out of that shape. With the control, as you can see in the light, they've also have slip grip on here, which is that grit you see right there. Slip grip allows you to slide your hand to where you need it. And as soon as you close your fist, your hand comes to a screeching halt. Be it in the hot, the cold, the rain, the sun, the shine it doesn't matter. Whether or not you're tossing it with your buddies with a bare hand, or you got gloves on in the game, you are going to have ton of control and response. As we come down, you'll notice the nice clean graphics here. You got a gray background with black Dragonfly lined, outlined with lime green. Really clean, simple graphics. All the way down at the other end you've got their signature big epic lime green butt end. Everybody loves these guys. Ton of stopping power right there. And then when I flip it over Epoch goes ahead and they list off the technologies in the shaft. So you've got Gen. 6, E30, Torque Box. Torque Box is new for the Gen. 6. What they've done here is they're manipulating key layers of the carbon fiber in specific locations on the shaft. Mainly, just above your bottom hand, all the way through to the top. And they are greatly increasing the strength in the center of the shaft, which is also coincidentally lowering the weight just slightly. But the goal behind the Torque Box is when you shoot and pass, the shaft, it has flex. But they only want it to flex in one direction, and that is the direction that you're shooting and passing in. If it flexes to the side, your aim is off, and that is where Torque Box is going to bring that to a halt. Reload technology is the same as what's in the Gen. 5. And then your flex rating down at the bottom showing you that with an IQ of 9, you're going to have a softer shaft with more flex, rather than the IQ 5 which will be slightly stiffer. This is a high quality shaft. You can expect to really raise the game with this one here. But the best part about it is really just the look of it. It is a very clean shaft. But that is the overview guys on your Gen. 6 Dragonfly E30 IQ9 Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Go ahead and check this out at, and we greatly appreciate you watching.