Video of Epoch Dragonfly E30 iQ5 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft video of Epoch Dragonfly E30 iQ5 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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In this video Trice from shows off the details on the Epoch Dragonfly E30 iQ5 Gen. 6 Composite Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
How's it going out there, everybody? This is Trice with, and today I'm bringing you the Gen. 6 Dragonfly E30 iQ5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Epoch Lacrosse. Let's go ahead and check out some of these details. All right, guys, so here you've got your Gen. 6 Dragonfly E30 iQ5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Epoch Lacrosse. I'm going to go ahead and get this guy tossed up on a scale for you, let you take a look at the weight, and then I'll break down some of the details for you real quick. Let's check this out. Put the scale up here. Let that calm down. Mind you, this shaft has an end cap on it. And with the end cap, she weighs in at 5.9 ounces. Now, 5.9 is a nice weight for a shaft. Now this is a composite shaft, so you know you're going to get a nice deal of strength out of it. Now, we're going to move up from the top work my way down, and I'll show you all the details, so let's get this focused here. There's your E and iQ5. iQ is your flex rating. E stands for the shape of the shaft and E stands for ergonomic. As you can see, it's wider here and thinner here, and with the thin part being towards the back, when you grip it in your hand, you get a nice ridge right here where your fingers are. So it's going to give you a ton of control on this shaft. With the control, as you can see in the light right there, there's a grip finish on this shaft. They call that the slip grip. That allows you to slip your hand down, and when you apply tension in your hand, it's going to stop right there, regardless of whether you're in the rain or hot, cold, it doesn't matter. That's there for you. In a regular hand or a gloved hand, this is a very nice responding shaft. As we come down, you'll see the graphics are nice and simple and clean. They've got a black Dragonfly with a lime green outline. Very similar to that of the graphics on the Gen. 5. Then we come down to the end cap. The end cap's a nice big rubber end cap. Big lip around it. That's going to allow you to stop your hands real nice. And when I flip this over, they list off the technologies included in this shaft. So we'll run from the top again. Gen. 6. E30 is the shaft itself. Torque box. Torque box is new for the Gen. 6, and really quickly what that is is Epoch's manipulating particular layers in the carbon fiber in specific locations in the shaft, mainly just above your bottom hand and all the way through the top. And what that does is greatly increases the strength in the center of the shaft, so that when you pass and shoot, the flex on the shaft is only going to be in that direction, not side to side. As you come down, you see Reload technology. They've retained that from the Gen. 5 and then your flex rating here. The lower the number, the stiffer the flex. The higher the number, the softer the shaft is, so the more flex it would have. This being an iQ5 puts you right in the middle, so you can expect a great deal of performance out of this shaft. Again, this is your Gen. 6 Dragonfly E30 iQ5, don't forget to check that out at I greatly appreciate you watching.