Video of East Coast Dyes Hero Strings Lacrosse Head Sidewall and Shooting Strings video of East Coast Dyes Hero Strings Lacrosse Head Sidewall and Shooting Strings

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In this video East Coast Dyes and JimaLax go over the production of the new HeroMesh.

Transcript of the video:
Man 1: Our Hero line of product is the newest high performance mesh and strings from East Coast Dyes. HeroMesh features new construction, new fibers and a new coating, which work together to create an elite pocket. With HeroMesh, we knew we had to push the envelope of what could be done with the cross mesh, starting with the fibers. Man 2: By engineering our new fibers, we would add strength, feel and consistency, all while decreasing the total weight. This means your puck will last longer and you'll be able increase the speed at which you play the game. When testing new materials, we knew they had to be weather proof, durable, light weight and temperature resistant. We worked closely with Jimalax to create a new fiber that met our high standards. Man 3: After we engineered the highest quality fiber on the market, we built a new weave from the ground up. Man 4: HeroMesh features hyper weave, a super tight knit pattern that creates perfectly shaped symmetrical diamonds to ensure precision, accuracy and reliability. Man 5: Diamond size and shape have huge impact on the pocket's hold, release and accuracy. We spent a lot of time testing different combinations to maximize the pocket's performance. Man 2: When creating the material and designing the weave, it was important that we create a texture that would grip the ball while in the pocket and have a smooth release when throwing. Man 1: The coating for HeroMesh is brand new lacrosse, which is a light weight, non-wax polymer that would give us a semi soft feel and best breaking time we needed, and would not be affected by water or temperature. Hero strings are the perfect compliment to HeroMesh. Man 5: The shooting strings are soft yet durable, which allows you to fine tune your pocket's performance. The sidewalls are tightly woven and of high abrasion resistance and tensile strength. They feature lock tech, an innovative new technology which keeps knots tight and maintains sidewall tension throughout the life of the pocket. Man 3: When we were making the decision on who to partner with for our mesh, having it made in America was extremely important to us. Our mesh has always been made in America, and it's one of the things that we feel really lends itself to the quality of our mesh. So partnering with Jimalax, as they've always had their products made in America was very important to us. Hero strings in six colors of HeroMesh are now available at your local retailers and online.