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12D semi-hard HeroMesh is engineered with the elite goalie in mind. HyperWeave provides accurate outlets and unmatched rebound control, while the LTH Fibers allow your pocket to be durable and lightweight. Now it's your turn to Be ELITE.

Weatherproof - Our new LTH Fibers are fully weatherproof. They will not expand or contract even in blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, or snow.

Lightweight - LTH Fibers are extremely lightweight and durable. This means quicker hands and a 12D mesh that stands up to the hardest shots.

Rebound Control - The unique and consistent diamond shape, created by HyperWeave, absorbs and distributes a shot's energy, making controlling rebounds look easy.

Accurate - 12D HeroMesh features a unique diamond shape that allows for the smooth and accurate release that you need to hit your outlet every time.

HeroMesh is made with pride in the United States. Powered by Jimalax.

For Q&A :
In this video Trice with SportStop.com breaks down the ECD 12D Semi-Hard Goalie Hero Mesh.

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In this video Greg from ECD show off the details behind their 12D Goalie Hero Mesh.

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