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In this video Trice from breaks down the East Coast Dyes Focus Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with and today I'm bringing you the East Coast Dyes Focus Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Let's go ahead and break these down for you. All right, guys. So I've got the East Coast Dyes Focus Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shafts here. I'm going to go ahead and throw these up on a scale, let you guys take a look at the weights. These will be weighed with an end cap and then I'll go ahead and break down details for you one by one. So let's go ahead and get these up on the scale. Let that come down. And again with the end cap right in at 5.5 ounces. Now that's not a heavy shaft for this shaft. It is a nice scandium blend. The scandium blend they used on this shaft is a proprietary blend for East Coast Dyes. It's going to be very strong. As you can see it's got a nice texture on there, but we are going to start up at the top and work our way down. So starting up here, you'll notice right off the bat, the shape on this guy, that's almost similar to your standard octagon but the shape has been especially designed for the East Coast Dyes, looking at maximizing the strength of the shaft all while giving you a great amount of shape and feel. These concave facets here are going to give you a lot of control in your hands, working and boosting the control as well. As you can see is this sand-blasted texture that runs the full length of the shaft. It should not wear away. Like I said that's really going to really improve the control and feel regardless of the weather conditions. So as we're looking at graphics, they've kept it really simple and clean. The colors available are this silver and the black that you can see in the background here. Let me focus that for you real quick. And then back to this shaft here. We've got a nice East Coast Dyes crab up at the top. We move down the shaft, you've got the focus logo with scandium beneath it. And then as we come down towards the butt end, you have the crab again with the East Coast Dyes and these have all been reversed on the other side as well. And then to finish it off, they capped it off with this nice clean butt end here again with the crab on there. I'll focus that so you can really see it here. There we go, really clean butt end. The butt end has a nice lip on there, so your hands are going to stop where you want them to. And then on top of all that, it's just a really clean shaft. So go ahead, guys. Check these out at and thanks for watching.