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In this video Greg from East Coast Dyes highlights the details on the ECD CARBON Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going guys, it's Greg from East Coast Dyes. Today I'm here to tell you about our new line of carbon shafts that will be available tonight at midnight. You'll be able to get them online and tomorrow during the day you'll be able to get them in all your favorite stores. So definitely make sure to check it out. You can find the full breakdown of where you can find our carbon shafts at retailers at, we'll drop a quick link in the description for you so that you can grab it real easily. So these are the same carbon shafts that we had last year but with a new updated look and a new updated textured grip. So we decided to added a little pop of color into our carbon line and really reduce to a minimalist look the three basic ones. So there is going to be a black, a white, and a gray. All of which have contrasting carbon logos. So here we still have the seam in the front with the carbon, East Coast Dyes here, carbon in an outline here, a little diagonal line design, and then "feel the difference" just the way it used to. Down here we have an identifier as Flex5. So the carbon shaft is a five on our flex scale out of 10, it has a uniform kick point and a pretty mid level flex that should be easy to transition from an alloy shaft or something else you've been using. It's not going to flex a crazy amount where it's gonna throw you off but it still does add a little bit of snap and feel when you're passing and shooting. So carbon also features a textured grip and our slightly concave shape. So we designed this to be what is our favorite grip in the game. Just slightly concave on all the edges just to give you a little bit extra feel on our palms and our fingertips so you have a little extra grip and control when you're playing in wet weather. And it also has a textured grip which is designed to last a lot longer now. Gives you a little extra feel so it won't need quite as much tape and you can keep the weight down. So the carbon shaft is made with advanced materials, advanced construction, and advanced manufacturing processes. So opposed to most shafts which are alloy, these are actually woven carbon fiber and composite. That allows the shafts to be lighter and stronger, so that they have an extremely high strength to weight ratio. So this one's gonna come in six colors. So we have the basic three that comes in 30 inch, 40 inch, and 60 inch. The 30 inch is $99.99, the 40 inch, the goalie, is $100.99 and the 60 inch, the long pole, is $159.99. So here's the black one, matte black with white details. It's actually going to come with a matching black screw. And then we have my personal favorite, the all white shaft. This is a matte white with black details. And it's gonna come with a super fresh white screw. This is the only screw I use on my heads, is a white screw. It looks crazy nice. And then we have the matte gray option with black details which comes with a gray screw. So those are the three available in all three lengths.