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What matters most to a goalie? Getting to the shot as quickly as possible. Now with the Glyde any goalie can be trained to get to the ball quicker than they ever thought possible. For years goalie coaches have been trying to come up with ways to decrease their goalie's reaction time. Because dragging the back foot when stepping to a shot, coaches have tried to invent numerous drills that train a goalie to pick up their back foot when stepping to the ball. Now with the Glyde you can do just that. With it's color coded sides, you can put the Glyde in between a goalies feet and see whether or not they are stepping to the ball properly - if a different color flips up, you know the goalie is dragging their back foot. Every fraction of a second matters to a goalie - let's get those seconds on your side!

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In this video Discover Your Game shows you how to use the Glyde to help your Goalies save more shots.

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