Video of Cascade R Matte Shell CUSTOM Lacrosse Helmet video of Cascade R Matte Shell CUSTOM Lacrosse Helmet

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In this video Jeff Colburn from Cascade Lacrosse breaks down the details on the Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet, including the PoronXRD Foam.

Transcript of the video:
Hi. Jeff Colburn here, category manager with Cascade Lacrosse, here with the R helmet. Gonna walk you through some of the features and benefits of the R helmet. Starting with protection, we have a Duel Liner System, comes with a Seven Technology liner to help manage those high energy, big booming impacts, and then, we also have a PORON XRD foam in there which helps displace those low energy, bump and grind impacts, that you experience on the field. As far as the fit, this is a one size fits most helmet, with two ways to adjust it. We have our interchangeable jaw pads here, available in three sizes that ship with each helmet, so make sure you get it nice and close to the cheek, dial in that side to side fit. Then for the front to back we have an occipital fit back here which is our super fit, our precision ratcheting system. So what you do is just pinch down there and then to make it bigger there's a release lever, and you just pull that back out. So it really helps to size down both front to back and side to side. This is available in several mask options as well as three color customization, you can have a visor color, a shell color and then a chin color. All 48-hour factory custom out of our Cascade facility in upstate New York. Made in the USA, really proud of our elite helmet here. This has been worn by all the MLL players and our college partners as well. Be sure to check out the R helmet on, and look into those custom options.

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