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In this video Trice from breaks down the details on the Cascade R Carbon Fiber Finish Lacrosse Helmet including all four available mask options.

Transcript of the video:
How's it going, everybody? This is Trice with and today, I'm bringing you the four Cascade R Carbon Fiber Finish lacrosse helmets that we brought in stock here with We chose of couple different options for colors on the masks. I'll go ahead and break down some of these details and give you guys a nice in-depth look on these helmets, so let's go ahead break these down. All right guys so here I have the Cascade R Carbon Fiber Finish lacrosse helmet with the white pearl face mask option that we have in stock here at SportStop. All the carbon finish helmets that we have in stock are going to be carbon finish shell with the black chin piece here. We have four different options for the mask available. Those are the only colors we brought in at first. Normally, these are a team only purchase, so this is the first time that we are offering a team only item as a single retail option. There are plenty of other options available, but those are strictly through Cascade. Here at SportStop, in stock, we only have the carbon finish, the black chin, and a few choices on the mask itself. So the mask, if I can get this to focus, is white pearl on the helmet I have in hand. And there's the mask itself. The finish on the helmet, the carbon finish, is really clean, has a nice grimacing look all the way around and the same features from the R that you know and love, the Poron XRD foam, the SevenTech technology, the SPR fit in the back. And then we'll move onto the next face mask option. Here's the red face mask, red chrome, really clean look. Again, awesome with the carbon fiber. They match very nice. Black chinstrap. Next is going to be your chrome tungsten steel. Nice accent with that carbon fiber finish. And last, but certainly not least, is the carbon fiber with the dark tungsten steel face mask. Very nice look on this helmet, very clean. And that's gonna wrap it up for the Carbon Fiber Finish Cascade R helmets we have available here in stock at Go ahead and take a look at the website. Check those out and look at all your options. Thanks for watching.

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