Video of Cascade CPV-R White Lacrosse Helmet video of Cascade CPV-R White Lacrosse Helmet

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In this video Jeff with Cascade Lacrosse goes over the Upgrades made in the CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, this is Jeff Colburn with Cascade Lacrosse, category manager for helmets. Here at the bio-performance sports headquarters in Exeter, New Hampshire. Sitting here with the new CPV-R helmet for Cascade new to the lineup this year. The CPV-R becomes the first "R" helmet to incorporate an EPP liner system, it also is the first "R" helmet to have four sizes. So a full range of sizes. 

It comes in an extra, extra small, an extra small, a small/medium is one size, and then a medium/large is the fourth size. So a full range of sizes, you'll see it does have the soft tail super-fit system in the back, that helps dial in within each size so it is adjustable on the fly within each size. Really excited about what we have here for the CPV-R so check it out at and again this is customizable in three colors with a visor, a shell, and a chin.

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