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In this video Trice from breaks down the Brine Triumph III Lacrosse Gloves.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys? This is Trice with and today I'm giving you the details on the Brine Triumph III Lacrosse Gloves. Let's go ahead and break these guys down. All right guys, so right here we've got the Brine Triumph III Lacrosse Gloves. These have a ton of technologies incorporated into the gloves alone. Before we go too far I'll break down the color options for you. So as you can see you have a white glove, you have a black and gray glove, this royal blue and white, a red and white, a navy blue and white, and a really clean Kelly green and white. Let's get this guy focus and break down the numerous details and technologies inside the glove itself. So right off the bat, you're going to notice they have this new backhand and thumb construction design here where they have paired together the Aero foam and the Skylight cap inserts here both on the thumb and like I said on the backhand. What they've done is really giving you the perfect balance between comfort and maximum impact absorption here. The Aero foam is actually kind of soft to the touch, but these Skylight caps are hard, rigid rubber which is going to increase the deflection of the blows coming into your hand during a check but really cushion the blow impact on your hand itself. They also have, if you can see here, like right here you can see this ridge. This is what is Brine is calling the ICS or the internal cap system and these are actually polyethylene boards placed in strategic places for key impact protection. A really nice feel in the hand, a great amount of dexterity out of these gloves before even being broken in, if you can see, I'll try to pull this apart for you. They have TruVent systems both on back of the hand, in between these large pads here and then in the palm of the hand really looking at increasing the ventilation in the glove, keeping your hands nice and dry. Then in the palm they've incorporated AX Suede 10W, which is Brine's most durable palm material and then they've pair that with a nice wax finish looking to give you an increased stick feel in your hand, this is a very nice feel. You'll have a great amount of feedback into the palm of your hand from your stick while playing. A nice floating cuff here connected with these two small elastic strips here, great amount of adjustability, perfect movement. They've also giving you the Ventilator Chill lining which is actually kind of cool. It's cool to the touch but it still gives you the same moisture wicking capabilities that you've come to know from Brine. So your hands are going to be nice and cool and dry. Really comfortable glove all around. And again like I said TruVent technology patented TruVent technology on both backhand, palm, Ax Suede 10W. They've got the Aero foam with the ICS pads here and these are the Skylight cap inserts again a Kelly green option and then back here we've got royal blue and white, red and white, navy blue and white, all white and then a black and gray. But that guys that's going to wrap up your Brine Triumph III Lacrosse Gloves. Go ahead and check these out at

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