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In this video Trice breaks down the details on the Brine Triumph Elite Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on guys, this is Trice here at And today we're talking about the Brine Triumph Elite Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Let's go and break these down for you. All right, guys, so right here I've got Brine's Triumph Elite Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Let's go ahead and get this guy thrown up on the scale for you, let you take a look at the weight, and we'll break down the details. Put the scale here. This is going to be weighed with an end cap. We're looking at a clean 5.9 ounces. So the strength of this shaft in conjunction with the weight, that's got a very nice strength to weight ratio and that comes from the ST1 alloy. Let's get this focused for you. The ST1 alloy which is produced in the USA... You can see right here, made in the USA. That alloy itself, Brine is very proud of. Again, being made in the USA, it comes with a great strength to weight ratio. The graphics on the shaft itself are really nice and clean. They kept them simple. But the best part about the graphics is they are permanently anodized onto the surface of the shaft, so they aren't going anywhere. All the way up at the top, we've got a nice Brine logo at the top. Then to the shape... This is Brine's Triumph Power Dye shape and with these extreme concaves here, it's going to give your fingers a great place to rest. But it gives you a ton of control and the shape itself is also going to improve the durability and strength of the shaft. And then in the control aspect, the finish on the shaft, let's see if I can get you to see this. there we go. The finish on the shaft is a mild sandblasted texture which is going to give you a kind of gritty feel in the hands, which is really going to aid again in the control of the shaft, with a lot of feedback in your hands. Again, very clean shaft, available in the silver that you can see, as well as the black that's in the background there. And that guys, that's going to wrap up the Brine Triumph Elite Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Go ahead and check this out at Thanks for watching.

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