Video of Brine King V Mid Grey Lacrosse Shoulder Pads video of Brine King V Mid Grey Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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In this video Mike with Brine Lacrosse shows you the Brine King V Mid Shoulder Pads, with the New Aeroshield Foam.

Transcript of the video:
Hey, guys. Mike from Brine here at to tell you about the new King V mid shoulder pad. When you take a closer look at the King V shoulder pad from Brine, you can actually see how flexible and form-fitting this pad is just based on all the little breaks in the pad. All of these are made with Aeroshield foam, which is going to dissipate impact. What you also have in the shoulders is Arch Tech, so slightly arched are all these pads in the shoulder area. And the theory is an arch will have to crush before the impact is actually absorbed through the pad, so another great protective piece on this pad. The Skylight technology, which is a hard plastic material in the sternum plate, just giving some extra protection in the chest area. And then also on the back, we have our new simple strap, so less plastic, less things that are going to break when adjusting the pad, and you can quickly adjust to the build of any player, also some Skylight in the spine area on the back of that pad, and then the anti-odor liner throughout the interior of the pad. The King V shoulder pad is a great choice for the elite level lacrosse player.

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