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In this video Mike with goes over the thumb protection in the King V Goalie Glove.

Transcript of the video:
I'm Mike Armstrong with, and this is the Brine King V Goalie Glove. Now the King V uses a dual density foam, which is going to give you maximum protection, while maintaining its lightweight structure. This will be a great option for your advanced level goalie. The King V Goalie Glove uses multiple breaks in the fingers and back of the hand to improve flexibility. Uses their Arch Tech support on the backhand, for improved ventilation, flexibility, without sacrificing protection. Uses their Skylight injection molded pad, for improved protection on the back of the hand without sacrificing weight. There's a three-piece cuff for improved flexibility. Uses an Ax Suede palm with mesh insert for improved grip and ventilation. Has a floating wrist cuff for extra wrist protection. Uses a traditional goalie thumb with an added lock thumb for better protection on hyper-extension. Also uses Brine's Ventilator Fresh Liner to keep your gloves dry and odor-free. Check out the Brine King V Goalie Glove on today.

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