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In this video Trice from gives you all the details on the Brine King Swizz SC Attack Lacrosse Shaft, including the Glide Grip.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice coming at you from and today I'm bringing you the Brine King Swizz SC Attack Lacrosse shaft. Let's go ahead and check out some of these details on this thing. All right, so taking a closer look at this Brine King Swizz SC Attack Lacrosse shaft here, right off the bat I'm gonna show you the shape. They call this the Control Die Shape, you can see it's concave on all the facets here. That in conjunction with the new improved Scandium blend used for producing this shaft, it's about three times stronger than previous models all while being far lighter. In fact, so light, let's get this weight up for you real quick. Nice clean graphics, too. It comes in with an endcap at 6.4 ounces. That's pretty light, nice hand-feel, too. You can see the texture here. This is the Friction Grip applied to the shaft. It's slight, goes the entire length of the shaft, nice grip, and then these are the Glide Grip. These are raised grips. You can actually feel these on the shaft. And they're intended to glide your hand into the position you want to be in while you're playing. All the way down at the end, nice endcap. Get that focused, there you go. Again, really nice shaft, really clean, simple, and then the graphics. I like the outline. Nice touch with the Brine on top. All right guys, so along with the black that I highlighted earlier, these King Swizz SC shafts are gonna be available in a Royal Blue, Carolina Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Forest Green, Red, and Chrome. Go ahead and check these out at

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