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In this video Trice explains the details on the Brine King Magnum RP3 Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with, and today we're breaking down the Brine King Magnum RP3 Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Let's go ahead and check these guys out. All right, guys. So right here I've got Brine's King Magnum RP3 Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Now before I go too far into the details, let's go ahead and get this thing up on the scale and take a look at the weight real quick. Let that calm down. Right in at 6.5 ounces. The 6.5 ounces isn't a bad weight at all for this shaft. The great part about this shaft is with it being so light it has a very high weight to strength ratio, and that comes from right here, this Magnum logo. The Magnum logo is representative of the fact that the RP3 shaft is made out of Brine's exclusive Magnum materials, which are a high end European grade aerospace alloy, which are gonna give this shaft the best rating between strength and weight. It's a very, very high rating. In fact, the highest in Brine's line. And then the Pannell, obviously, Rob Pannell, the NCAA all-time scoring leader and a MLL all-star himself, designed the shaft hand in hand with Brine to meet his specifications upon a shaft that he's really gonna want to play with. The great part about this shaft, it has an awesome feel on the hands. It's very light to the touch. It's really clean on the graphics. Let's get this focused for you here. So as you can see, it comes in these two colors here. So you have this neon coral that I have in my hand and the neon green in the background. So as we come down, it's got some nice line work along the shaft. There's the Pannell, the RP3 logo, which is really clean. And then you come down the shaft, you have Magnum on one end, and there's the King here. Come down, and on the top end of the shaft you have the Brine logo. They also give you this nice Brine end cap here, and there's the shape of it. It's got a very nice shape. Like I said, it's got some minor concave facets here, a really controlled driven shape in the hands. It's a very clean shaft, but that's gonna pretty much wrap up the overview, guys, on your Brine King Magnum RP3 Attack Lacrosse Shaft here. Go ahead, check this out at Thanks for watching.

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