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In this video Trice with explains the details incorporated into the Brine King Lacrosse Head, including the Core-Tech sidewall.

Transcript of the video:
How's it going, guys? It's Trice at, and today we're gonna take some time and break down the Brine King Lacrosse Head. Let's get right down into it. All right, so Brine King Lacrosse Head here. You'll notice off that this guy is about 3% longer than your standard lacrosse head. That's doing two things. It's going to aid in transition time out of the pocket, and it's going to greatly increase the shot power. Before we get into the greater details, I'm going to show you how much this guy weighs. Have that calm down. This guy is tipping the scales at 5.2 ounces, making this a pretty sturdy head. So now I'm gonna go ahead and take a look at some of the greater details here, starting off with the throat. Get my camera to focus. Nice big logo right off the jump. That's going to pop off the head right for you. Then you're going to notice these cut-outs. The cut-outs are reducing the weight and aiding in some styling aspects. Really nice big weight reduction chunks here. These struts that you see are gonna greatly transfer your stability from your throat up into the sidewalls. As we move up the sidewalls, you see a nice King logo and there's tons of texture all over this head. Let's see if I can get in here. Here we go. As I step back away, you'll notice the offset on this head. They've maximized the offset to try to give you the deepest pocket possible while still being legal for game play. And they've also given you endless stringing possibilities with 20 stringing holes available on this. When we look through to the other side, you're going to see this Core-Tech technology that they've implemented. There again shaving as much weight as they can off this head while keeping it very strong and very stable. I'm gonna come through. I like the King Brine ball stop here, and we've also got a very flat scoop. The flat scoop they've implemented mainly to give you as much tension across the top of your mesh. So when working in conjunction with the face shape and the sidewall flare, it creates what they call the perfect channel. That's really going to aid in your ball control and ball handling. As we come around again, I want you to see the detail on this head. They've really implemented a lot of texture. They took their time. Big Brine logo here, again we'll get the camera to focus so you can see it. Single screw and you'll notice the HS. This head does happen to be an HS head, but it also is available as an NCAA or U-spec head. So it's available for all players. It's a very nice, strong, sturdy, clean head. If you guys got any questions on this head, go ahead and check it out at

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Brine King Lacrosse Head

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