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In this video Trice breaks down the details on the Brine King Beat Attack Lacrosse Shaft.

Transcript of the video:
What's going on, guys? This is Trice here with, and today we're breaking down the Brine King Beat Attack Lacrosse Shaft. Let's go and check this guy out. All right, guys, so right here, I've got the King Beat Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Brine. I'm going to go ahead and show you guys the colors real quick, and then we'll break down all the details. So in the options for colors, you have Chrome, Forest Green, Orange, Red, Navy Blue, Carolina Blue, Royal Blue, and Black. All right, so starting up at the top, (let's get this focused for you), you'll see that they have what they call the Controlled Die Shape. This gives you a concave facet on all the facets around the shaft itself, and the point of that is that when you grip the shaft, it gives you a nice rest on your fingers with a ton of control. To aid in the control, they've given you the raised Beat graphic here, and the great part about this is it gives you a ton of control on your hands when you're in the gloves on the field, but it's not going to add any additional weight to the shaft. And speaking of weight, if you take a look right here, you'll notice that the scale is there, and it weighs in right at 6.6oz, which is a decent weight for a shaft of this nature. They do construct the shaft out of the SL2 alloy. And if you take a look at the graphics, the King logo up top, and a King text here, along with the graphic and the end cap, are all going to match colors. So you've got a nice end cap here, like on the black shaft, you have a white graphic, white King, white logo up top. And then in the background, I'll show you, like, Red King, Red King, Red graphic, Carolina Blue King, Carolina Blue, Carolina Blue graphic again. So that runs through the whole color schemes. It's a really nice shaft, but that's going to wrap up the King Beat Attack Lacrosse Shaft from Brine. Go ahead and check these out on Thanks for watching, guys.

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