Video of Brine 3x4 Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder video of Brine 3x4 Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder

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In this video Trice from quickly compares the STX Bounce Back, the Maverik Bounce Back, and the Brine Lax Wall.

Transcript of the video:
Hey, guys. This is Trice here, from, and today, I want to review and compare the three rebounders I've got here. I've got the Brine Lax Wall, I've got the STX Bounce Back, and I also have the Maverik Bounce Back. If you check back to the assembly videos, you can watch where I assemble these and show you how they go together, and actually, how simple they are to put these together. We'll go ahead and give these a quick review real quick. I want to start off by saying, the Brine and the Maverik are strikingly similar in the fact that they both go together with push-pins, which make it very easy for disassembly, say for storage or just for bringing around town if you have to take it places. The STX goes together with nuts and bolts, but it does offer you slightly more adjustability with the fact that it has . . . as you can see down here, it has an adjustment bar down here, so you actually have more range of adjustment whereas, with the Maverik and the Brine here behind me, you only have three options for an adjustment on the angle. The mat actually rebounds the ball back to you. Very simple to go together, these three. Again, like I said, these go together with push-pins, nothing too crazy. The instructions are very well-written; there's pictograms throughout the whole sheet of paper there, showing you what goes where. Again, like I said, we also posted assembly videos for you, so that makes it very simple. The mats are very similar. They're all three by fours, same materials all the way across, very stiff on the rebound. I personally happen to like the STX one a little more. It actually bolts right here where the mat folds up, so that this doesn't actually have a chance to push back. Like I said, the Brine and the Maverik are more for being able to fold up and be stored in the off-season or so whereas the STX, you actually would have to disassemble this just a bit. It's not an issue, it's just a sturdier design. Other than that, you guys are going to want to check these guys out, right here at and pick yours up today. There you go.

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