Video of Brine 3x4 Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder video of Brine 3x4 Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder

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In this video Trice with walks you through the assembly of the Brine 3’x4’ Lacrosse Lax Wall Rebounder.

Transcript of the video:
Hey guys, this is Trice from, and today, we are going to assemble the Brine Lax Wall. Let's do this. All right guys, so you got your Brine Lax Wall rebounder right here. I wanted to show you the box. It's going to ship from our warehouse here in Brookline, New Hampshire, straight to your door before I show you the display box on the inside. Your display box, it's going to look a lot like this. So, here's your display box. I'm going to go ahead and take a moment to lay out all the parts on the inside so you get an idea what comes inside this guy right here and then we'll get right to assembling. So, let's do this thing. All right guys, so this here is the Brine Lax Wall, all pulled out of the box. I went ahead and laid the parts out for you and then I'll break them down, show you what there are inside and then we'll start with the assembly. So, first off, you've got number one, which is the main part of the rebounder target here. You have two number two legs, which are called the short legs in the assembly instructions; two number three legs, which are called the long legs in the assembly instructions. You have two number four pieces, two number five pieces, and then the two pins, which will allow you to set your adjustment on the angle of the rebounder itself. We're going to go ahead and get this thing put together. So first off, I'm going to grab both number two legs, come around to the other side, go ahead and pull this up here and these number two legs are going to snap right into the lower half of the rebounder itself. And with the push pins, this should go together really easy. Now, on the assembly instructions, they do recommend that two people put this together and that you're going to want to use adult supervision, but, obviously, me being a solo operation, you can see that this can be done with one person. So, then go back and grab both number three legs here, and these are going to go right into the other half of the legs, right here, and again right there. So, now we're going to grab both number fours and assemble these guys. These are going to snap right into place. And then repeat that process with both number fives, like so, and these will come around and you're going to snap these into the number two legs. Again, the push pins make this assembly, no pun intended, a snap. There we go! Then again, with the number four legs going into the number three like so, and again like that. Then, you're going to take your two adjustment pins here, lift up the legs and you have three holes to choose from. I'm going to set it in the first hole to make it easy on me, real quick. There's that side. And again, repeat that on the second side, just like so. Put a foot on here and pull it over on its side. Right? I'm going to grab it and stand it right on up. You can see a pin fell out here. I just want to make sure that goes in. You want the pins in before you stand it up. Then this, with a little muscle, snaps right into place. Then, all you want to do is take the cover and follow those all the way around and they pull around the outside of the frame and then clip in, nice and easy. There you go. Follow these all the way around the frame. You don't want to miss any of these. Really nice and easy install, assembly's nice and simple; really quick. You can have this up from the time you get it to getting it out of the box, laying all your parts out and having it up and ready to go in about 15 minutes, and that's taking your time. So, that's all of them there. And that's the Brine Lax Wall. And to adjust it, all you have to do is remove these pins, swing this leg out, and change the hole the you have the pins set in. To do that, I would recommend tipping it over on its side, there we go, flipping it back towards the face of it, pull the pin out, walk over to the other side, pull that pin out, and then you can raise and lower that back leg however you like. So, we'll go to the second hole. There we go. Then, again on the other side. Make sure those pins are in before you stand it back up again, just like so. Pull it back on its side, stand it right up, and that's it. That's the Brine Lax Wall fully assembled, ready to rock and roll.

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